Practical Info

Getting to the Hotel

There is no reliable public bus service between the airport and the city. To get a taxi, go to the Taxi counter to purchase a coupon. The price depends on the distance, but is not more than RM 30 to the city. The e-hailing service, GRAB Car is less than half that price but you need to upload the app to your phone or tablet and you need a wifi or 4G connection.

Mobile Phone

DIGI and MAXIS /Hotlink have stalls at the airport and ‘pre-paid’ SIM cards are available for RM 10 + minimum of RM 5 credit for calls.


CIMB and HSBC Banks have ATMs at the airport and there is also a CIMB money exchange counter.  There are several money changers close to the Lot 10 Boutique Hotel which may offer better exchange rates than the banks. The nearest money changer is a 850 m walk from the Lot 10 Boutique hotel. City money exchanges are not open outside normal business hours. Cash is King in Kuching and some small businesses will not accept foreign tourist credit/debit cards. Credit cards are accepted at hotels and most shops for purchases over certain amounts.


The Lot 10 Boutique Hotel is a 5 minute walk to ‘Chinatown’ on Jalan Padungan (Street) where there are plenty of hawker stall eateries as well as small restaurants. There is plenty of choice and prices are very reasonable.  There is also a supermarket and Department Store (Everise) next door to the Money Exchange there.


Kuching has excellent medical services. The nearest private hospital with an emergency department is a 10-minute drive away from downtown. It has a full range of specialists and dentists on staff. There are also numerous GP clinics near the hotel if you have a minor complaint needing attention.


Kuching is always warm and humid so dressing light outdoors is appropriate. The hall where we will be playing Bridge is air-conditioned so bring a light jacket/sweater in case you find it too cool.

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